Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

There is seldom just one cause for a motorcycle accident. However, loss of control accounted for about 25 percent of Texas motorcycle crashes and 28 percent of motorcycle crash fatalities in one year, according to the Texas Department of Community Health. It is vital for anyone driving motorcycles to understand the special risks, ensuring each ride is a safe and enjoyable experience.

Avoiding common hazards

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Watchful motorcycle drivers can avoid the following common causes of accidents:

Lack of visibility. Even though most motorcycle crashes occur during daylight hours, motorcycles are difficult to see, particularly in heavy traffic conditions. In fact, this lack of visibility is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. You can reduce the risk by practicing defensive driving. Make sure you can be seen by riding in the center of the lane, wearing bright clothing, and staying out of the blind spots of other drivers.
Impaired driving. Another leading cause of motorcycle accidents involves the use of alcohol or drugs. You are virtually unprotected when driving a motorcycle, so it is best to remain alert by avoiding any use of intoxicants.

Aggressive driving and speeding. Naturally, the faster you drive, the less time you have to react to hazards. It is also important to understand that speed affects motorcycle alignment and causes the front end to wobble. This can cause you to lose control, potentially hitting other vehicles or even stationary objects.
Poor road surfaces. Motorcyclists need to remain aware of everything happening on the road—and of the road itself. It is easy to lose control during encounters with uneven surfaces, railroad tracks, potholes, or even seemingly minor trash on the road. Avoid these hazards if possible, and slow down before attempting to navigate them.
Your safety is our primary concern
By all means, enjoy your motorcycle time as the weather continues to improve, but be aware of what causes accidents and how to avoid the hazards. Many Texas motorcycle accidents can be avoided if you keep your motorcycle well-maintained, follow the state-recommended safety procedures, and remain vigilant.

Most Common Car Accident Types – Personal Injury Lawyers

Most Common Car Accident Types – Personal Injury Lawyers

Accident types are classified according to the kind of impact. Each accident type places vehicle occupants at risk of injury and, depending on the vehicles involved, some accidents carry a high risk of accident lawyers - Personal Injury Attorneys

After any accident of whatever type, there will be major expenses for anyone who is injured. Emergency care may include costly surgery. A hospital stay may extend for weeks, with the bills mounting up. Recovery from fractures and other mobility-impairing injuries often includes lengthy aftercare, perhaps with a stay in a rehabilitation facility. More information @

While an injured person is going through all the necessary medical procedures, it may be impossible to work. Even if health insurance coverage can help with hospital bills, the loss of income can be financially devastating.

Help is available. It may be possible to collect financial damages from a negligent driver by filing a lawsuit.

Efforts To Prevent Collisions

Government agencies investigate accidents all over the United States. The Federal Highway Administration, a unit of the United States Department of Transportation, operates an Office of Safety, focusing on accident prevention.

The FHWA Office of Safety has developed a systemic approach program, identifying risk factors and crash types, and offering a workable approach that states can use to reduce the incidence of accidents.

The systemic approach consists of four steps:

Identify the crash types the program will focus on and the risks that increase the likelihood of these crashes
Determine the areas of highways to work on, where these crashes tend to happen
Decide on road improvements that will be most helpful
Form a plan to prioritize specific improvements
State transportation departments can take advantage of FHWA resources to help them achieve successful accident accident attorneys

Each state that uses the FHWA systemic approach will come up with its own plan. Many of the states will likely see a need to work on common types of accidents. Texas and other states will target certain kinds of crashes to reduce, including:

Rear-end accident: When moving vehicles are not spaced far enough apart, the following driver may not be able to stop in time to avoid ramming into the car ahead if it stops or slows down abruptly.
Rollover accident: Sometimes a car or truck may flip when a driver loses control or the vehicle is struck in a crash. Rollover accidents can crush the frame of the vehicle and eject occupants, both very dangerous possibilities.
T-bone accident: In a T-bone crash, one vehicle plows into the side of another, so the vehicles form a T shape. An occupant of the car that is hit from the side could be very seriously hurt.
Head-on accident: A head-on crash is just what it sounds like: two vehicles going in opposite directions run into one another, likely crushing the front end of one or both cars.
Specific risk factors contribute to each kind of accident.

After An Accident

Everyone who uses the roads can appreciate efforts to promote safety. But when an accident has already happened, it’s too late for the best preventive measures. Once you’ve been hurt, you need to concentrate on getting better and you need adequate financial resources to do that. A negligent driver ought to pay for the damage that’s been done. Find more here @