Wrongful Dismissal Cases

Work is a fundamental aspect of life. It gives us financial means and allows us to contribute to the betterment of society around us. Any violation of this fundamental aspect and right in our lives can in fact lead to a wrongful dismissal suit. If an employee has been fired unfairly, without good reason and without just cause, then it is important to consult legal experts.

When the economy is weak, or business leadership is substandard, wrongful dismissal can be a reality. If an employee is dismissed without cause, then there must be reasonable notice and compensation. In order to be certain that you are being treated fairly and in accordance with the law of the land, it is important to contact us immediately. It can mean the difference between and unsuccessful, dismal future and a future that is bright and forward looking.

Products Liability Attorney

The law requires that products be designed and manufactured free from defects. Sometimes this is not observed and those very products which perhaps are badly designed or have not been designed with safety backups may cause serious or fatal injury to the user.

MSW Law in Hamilton represents many clients who have been injured. Some of these can include unsafe toys, flammable clothing, pharmaceuticals, medical implants and devices, defective machinery, dangerous chemicals and more. This is a complex field of law as often we are fighting corporate giants. We have the experience to prepare your case and to make sure you are compensated to the full extent that the law permits.